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Abbey Brewing Company, LLC is the producer of Monks Ales – including Monks’ Ale®, Monks Dark Ale, Monks’ Dubbel®, Monks’ Dubbel® Reserve, Monks’ Tripel®, Monks Tripel® Reserve, and Monks’ Wit®. The brewery, closed to the public, is located on the grounds of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. The Reserve series, including Monks’ Dubbel Reserve and Monks’ Tripel Reserve are brewed with several hybrid verities of neomexicanus hops, including Amalia and Latir, grown a few hundred yards away at the Monastery. Reserve ales are available on a seasonal basis, in limited quantities, and in limited markets subject to the availability of hops.

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Abbey Brewing Company distributes Monks' Ales in Arizona, Arkansas, southern California, Colorado, Louisiana, and New Mexico in 12 ounce bottles, 750 ml bottles, and as draft in 1/6th and 1/2 barrel kegs.

In 2006, the first year of operation, the brewery produced 127 barrels (approximately 1,750 case equivalents). In 2010, production was 480 barrels (approximately 6,600 case equivalents) and in 2011 production was 930 barrels (approximately 12,590 case equivalents). Production in 2012 was 1,125 barrels (approximately 14,799 case equivalents). Estimated production in 2013 will be approximately 1,200 to 1,500 barrels. Our current production capacity is 2,900 barrels per year.

Today, our products are brewed on the grounds of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert in Abiquiu, New Mexico and also under special agreement in Moriarty, New Mexico. At both breweries, Abbey Brewing Company directly controls all aspects of the brewing process including the formulations and brewing process details. Abbey Brewing Company is directly responsible for sourcing all ingredients and packaging materials at both breweries. The brewing equipment on the grounds of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert is entirely owned by Abbey Brewing Company. At the brewery in Moriarty, some of the major brewing equipment, such as the fermenting vessels, bright tanks, kegs, and hop storage freezers, as examples, are owned by Abbey Brewing Company.

A new brewery building (the Monastery Brewery) was completed at the Monastery of Christ in the Desert in March of 2011. The new brewery building, which currently houses a half-barrel micro-brewing system, was specifically designed for expansion to a 3 or 5 barrel brewing system. Brewing in this new, separate facility began in March 2012. The new facility started as a pilot brewery, and will slowly expand in capacity and operation to develop new styles of beers and produce specialty and seasonal beers. For example, the new Monks' Dubbel Reserve and Monks' Tripel Reserve were developed at the new brewery by our brew master, Brad Kraus, and the monks. Currently the Monastery brewery is in operation on an irregular basis based on the need for brewing, availability of hops grown the Monastery, and other factors. Current plans are to expand the brewing capacity as more hops from the Monastery's hop yard become available.

In the spring of 2010, the Monastery of Christ in the Desert planted an experimental hop yard of native New Mexican hops on a quarter acre on the grounds of the Monastery. In 2011, the hop yard was expanded and several new varieties of native New Mexico hops were added. The hop yard was expanded to a half acre in the winter of 2013.

Harvests occur in late August through early September. Monks, resident guests, day visitors, and neighbors participate in the harvest. As the current rhizomes mature in the next several years, the hop yard has the potential to expanding to 5+ acres. In the future, hops from the Monastery will be used to brew new varieties of beer at the brewery located on the grounds of the Monastery, and will be made available for sale to other breweries and home brewers.

New brands will be developed "with care and prayer®" in the coming years. The new styles will derive from the 1400 year old monastic tradition of brewing in Europe and the newer American Craft Tradition.

Our focus in all our work is "to bring everything to perfection for the glory of God" as the Rule of Saint Benedict instructs us.

Out of respect for the privacy and lifestyle of the Monastery, tours are no longer given at the brewery on the grounds of the Monastery. Likewise the tasting room located at the brewery has been closed for the same reason. We trust you will understand our need for privacy and respect the monks' lifestyle.

The monks are pleased to have visitors, who are always welcome to visit the grounds, including the church, art gallery, some of the gardens and the giftshop. Monastery visits may be made Sunday through Saturday, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

A full service tasting room for Monks' Ales has been opened at Bode's Store on Highway 84 in Abiquiu.

The administrative office address is: 215 W. Alicante Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505-4603

The postal address is: P.O. Box 22779, Santa Fe, NM 87502

The administrative offices of Abbey Brewing Company can be reached by e-mail at:

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